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Daily excursions

With our unique outdoor learning philosophy, developed over 17 years of caring for and educating children, we provide the time, space, guidance and support to truly fulfil your child’s individual potential.

Daily excursions in the Nursery’s own mini bus to exciting places such as The Woods, Farms, Local Primary Schools, libraries and other hands on environments, ensure that children learn and grow in an open space and can’t wait to talk about it when collected each day.

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Indoor Learning

Inside, we have a whole host of activities awaiting the children, some of which are listed below. We combine this with the outdoor activities to provide a full variety of fun leaning experiences for the children.

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Outdoor learning

When not in the minibus and exploring the surrounding countryside and venues, the children have the choice whether to stay inside the Nursery or go out into the large garden. There are wheeled toys, rope swings, climbing frames, an assortment of Wendy houses and play sheds, as well as sandpits and water play areas.

All the while learning as they go, under the safe and engaging guide of the Orchard Day Nursery team.

Seasonal events

There are so many seasonal events that we involve the children in. Not only the big events such as spring, Autumn, Christmas etc, but other community based activities such as pancake races, Armed forces day, Remembrance day marches and many more.

We have a leavers graduation prom yearly for the children leaving us for the big wide world of school.

We also have a graduation ceremony and BBQ for families of the school leavers to attend for the children leaving us to celebrate their achievements while at The Orchard.

We also have a Christmas party yearly along with Christmas dinner and a visit from Father Christmas himself who always brings lots of present

nursery school thatcham activities

Enrich your child's life today.


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